Origami Bull

BTS video & more!!! / June 2018


Here it is!!!

Enjoy the behind the scenes video of my junior year production, Origami Bull, filmed by my dad, Ernie Medina Jr. for a look into set life on a student short film!!

Because the film is currently screening at festivals throughout the US, the film will not be online for a while, so enjoy the little sneak peeks I stuck in to the video, it's all you'll get for now! 

We are honored with the official selections and awards that we are receiving, and we couldn’t have completed this film without the collaboration with our amazing cast and dedicated crew.


Origami Bull - Trailer


Also, check out the poster on the right, featuring Jeff Thomas Coppage and Jack Hinazumi. The film also features David Song, Gary Dean, Cecelia Specht, Corey Knowlton, Joel Peterson, Deanne Snell, Evelyn Gaines, Gisele Roddy, EJ Acaac, and Samuel Miller.

Again, I just want to say a very special thank you to all the actors and the crew for their time and talent! 



The Cast of Origami Bull


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Origami Bull